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We love sharing our experiences with our customers

Several projects selected from our CV

AlwaysOnShow – for TheOneMilano/Mifur S.pA. (link)
website B2B and digital marketing, with photo and video production. 2018-present

[concept, design, web production, digital activities, photo&video production]

MdM DigitalShow – for MarediModa S.c.a.r.l. (link)
B2B website "Digital Show", with Companies' private virtual ShowRooms and public contents. 2020

[contents and FrontEnd / BackEnd user experience advice, coordination of web developers]

Mido 2020 Digital Platform (MIDO4YOU) – for Mido S.r.l.
digital extension of Mido Eyewear Show. 2020

[platform concept, design and production] 

Milano Fashion City – in collaboration with Promos – the Milan Chamber of Commerce
Territorial marketing project and event sharing in the fashion industry. 2010-2013

Focus: website presenting all the events in details.

[web production and management, coordination of institutions, associations and companies]


Com’è viva la città. Art & the City 1913-2015 – in collaboration with the Municipality of Como 
Art exhibition, curated by G. Di Pietrantonio – Villa Olmo, COMO 2015

[naming and image, communication materials, web&digital, press office, promotion, organization and management]

Ritratti di Città. Urban sceneries – in collaboration with the Municipality of Como
Art exhibition, curated by Flaminio Gualdoni – Villa Olmo, COMO 2014

[naming and image, communication materials, web&digital, press office, promotion, organization and management]

Fashioning Cinema.Trame di Moda– in collaboration with MUVE Venetian Civic Museums
Exhibition of historical clothing, costumes for films, and unique fashion / design pieces
on the occasion of the Venice Film Festival –  Palazzo Mocenigo, VENICE, 2012-13 (link)

[naming and image, communication materials, organization and management]

Eccentrici – in collaboration with the Italian Linen Centre

Photography exhibition by Costantino Ruspoli – Casa degli Atellani, MILAN, 2008
event for the presentation “Eccentrics”, volume by Donata Sartorio. Excelsior 1881 Publishers

[organization, press office, coordination with publishing house and author]

Tra-vestimenti – in collaboration with the Capitoline Museums in Rome
Exhibition event in honour of H. C. Andersen – The Milan Triennale Design Museum, MILAN, 2006

[naming and image, communication materials, press office, organization]

FAIRS – organization, areas of speciality and stands
TheOneMilano – in collaboration with Mifur and FieraMilano (link)

[corporate fair identity and website, digital activities] 2017-present

Mare di Moda – in collaboration with the Mare di Moda Group – Como / Cannes

[corporate fair identity and collaboration in the organization of the event] 2010-present

Mifur – in collaboration with the Mifur exhibition organization - Milan

[collaboration on the overall organization, runway shows, special events and website] 1986- 2016

Baby – fair for expectant mother and child – in collaboration with Family Promotion (BE) - Milan, Turin, Rome

[collaboration on all the organization aspects] 1999-2000

Milano Unica – in collaboration with the Italian Linen Centre - Milan.
[special areas dedicated to the linen textile material] MILAN, 2005-2015

Campionaria delle Qualità – in collaboration with FieraMilano

[special area "fashion"] in coll. with CentrostudiAIP and Maison Gattinoni. MILAN, 2009

Io Sposa – [stand concept] for Gattinoni and Centro Studi AIP - MILAN 2006

Pitti Filati, Filo, Expofil – [stand concept] for IAFIL (Industria Ambrosiana Filati). 1997-present

Milan Women’s Fashion Week – fashion shows and presentations:
for Valentin Yudashkin, Saverio Palatella, Silvio Betterelli, Yoj, Mazzi Overwear . 2002-2009

Alta Roma – fashion shows and special projects for: Silvio Betterelli, Saverio Palatella . 2005-2007

Catwalks for: Mifur, le Collezioni, Italian Fur Fashion Night, WinterAction. 1966 - present

Versilia, Venezia, Sicilia di Moda – in collaboration with local municipality administrations
Events and fashion shows. FORTE dei MARMI, VENICE, PALERMO, 2009-2011

[concept, organization, institutional relations, communication]

The MiddleAges in Sant’Ambrogio – in collaboration with the Palio of Legnano pageant and horse race - Presentation event of historical clothing worn for the Palio of Legnano – cloisters of Sant’Ambrogio Church, MILAN, 2006

[organization, institutional coordination]

Italian Fashion Events in Barcelona, Madrid, Montreal,  Moscow Embassy for ICE and the Floriani Foundation. 1990 – 2002


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